Although OrangeCRM usernames and passwords are automatically copied to OrangeBI (Business Intelligence), not all users will instantly have access to reporting. The most common reason for denied access to reports is due to the user not having been assigned OrangeBI User Security Roles. OrangeBI uses a unique set of Roles, which are different than those used in OrangeCRM. For that reason, OrangeBI User Roles must be managed separately.

Since role assignments are required for access, and because not all users will meet the requirements for having an OrangeBI Security Profile automatically assigned, some users will require manual Security Role/Profile assignments by a system admin in order for report access to be granted. For instructions, please visit the OrangeCRM Help Guide at and navigate to the “Reports” book >How to Manage Report Users.

Time Saving Tip: Take advantage of OrangeBI’s automatic User Role assignment feature. The following two requirements must be met:

  1. The User must have an OrangeCRM Security Profile assignment
  2. A matching OrangeBI Security Profile must exist

When a new user is created, OrangeBI looks for an OrangeCRM Security Profile that matches one of its own Security Profiles. If it finds a match, all of the Roles that belong to the matching OrangeBI Security Profile will automatically be assigned to the user. This in turn changes the OrangeBI user’s status from New to Active, granting them instant access to reporting.