How to Use OrangeCRM’s New Visual Editor to Improve Customer Fulfillments

As we discussed last week, OrangeCRM has a new functionality that allows you to add an unlimited number of custom fields on customer records. But what good would that data be if you couldn’t use it?

In order to give our clients the ability to include an infinite number of fields in fulfillments, we have released a new fulfillment house style layout called Visual Editor. Unlike the existing Generic Delimited layout that most of you are familiar with – which only allows a maximum of 50 fields – the Visual Editor gives you the flexibility to include as many fields as you’d like!

The Visual Editor is easy to use. Start by selecting the Fulfillment House Style, then go to the Builder tab. The default Field Layout that automatically appears is the Visual Editor.

Visual Editor - Builder Tab

Use the drop down menus to select the Character Set, Encapsulation and Delimiter options that are required for this fulfillment. Fields added to the Detail Rows section will automatically be inserted with the selections you have made.

If the fulfillment requires a Header Row, be sure to set that option to Enable before adding any fields from the Chooser drop down list.

Visual Editor - Options

Now use the Chooser menu to select a field and click the Add Field button. Repeat this process for each field you wish to add.

Custom Field - Fulfillment Builder Tab

Each time a new field is added to the fulfillment, the field tag will be inserted in the next available space in the Detail Rows section. If the Header Row is enabled, the field description will be inserted in the Header Row section.

Visual Editor - Header & Detail Rows

Tip: Most of the field labels in the Chooser menu are pretty self-explanatory. However, you can enable the Header Row to temporarily view the field descriptions as you add each field. If the fulfillment needs to have no header row, you can simply delete everything in the Header Row section and set the Header Row back to Disable after you have finished adding all of the fields.

To assist you even further, we have created a cheat sheet that provides a more detailed description of each field tag, including each field’s location in the CRM (Example: Address tab of customer record).

Click the following link to download the OrangeCRM Field Tags & Descriptions for Fulfillments PDF.

The Header Row, Detail Rows and Footer Row sections are all fully editable, which gives you the flexibility to type, copy, paste and delete as needed. This makes it quick and easy to add constant fields, as well as make corrections and updates.

For more information, please visit our online help guide at help.orangecrm.com.

Did You Know OrangeCRM Now Provides Packing Slips For Fulfillments?

Does your shipping department need a solution for generating packing slips? OrangeCRM has the answer! A new option has been added to the Summary of Fulfillments report that will allow you to print packing slips from the batch detail view. This post will cover how to access and print packing slips, how to define what is populated on the packing slip and how to grant user access to the print packing slip feature.

To access packing slips, go to the Summary of Fulfillments report and drill in until you get to the batch detail view (shown below).

Print Packing Slip Link

Then, simply click on the Print link and a new PDF document will open containing the packing slips for that fulfillment batch. The PDF can then be printed and saved. A sample of what the packing slip looks like, along with definitions of the fields on the packing slip is pictured below.

Packing Slip Field Definitions

To make it easier to match each packing slip to the correct fulfillment, the last 10 digits of the Fulfillment GUID are automatically populated on the packing slip. To get the full benefit of this, we recommend that you setup your fulfillments to also include the last 10 digits of the Fulfillment GUID. For Generic Delimited Build File fulfillments, the field name is Request GUID – 10. For XML Build File and Web Site Post fulfillments, the field name is %REQID-10%.

You define what is populated in the quantity Ordered/Shipped, Item Number and Item Description via the “Pkg” fields on a Billing Plan or a Fulfillment.

Bill Plan Pkg Fields for Packing Slips

Fulfillment Pkg Fields for Packing Slips

To grant user access to the print packing slip feature, the following two security roles are required: MenuCustomer & BankAccess. If you need access to the packing slips, please contact your OrangeCRM administrator.

For assistance please feel free to contact our support desk at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

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