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Effectively Monitor Transaction Processing in OrangeCRM

Regularly monitoring transaction processing is critical to the success of your business. While OrangeCRM automates transaction processing with its batch jobs, it is still necessary to review the results, so that you can identify any areas that may need attention.

To get a bird’s-eye view of each bank batch’s results, simply go to the Bank menu and click on one of the three Deposit options: Deposits by Date, Deposits by Bank or Deposits by Group.


Each of the three deposit options provides a list of transaction batches, along with a breakdown of the following key details for each batch: the number of transactions in error status, decline percentages for both sales and retried transactions, as well as the sale, refund, decline and net deposit dollar amounts.


Frequently analyzing the results of your daily bank batches will allow you to quickly identify any processing errors or negative trends that require action.

From the view pictured above, each batch can be opened to access its individual transactions. Shortcut links to the customer record are also provided with each transaction. This enables you to conveniently take any necessary actions on the transaction and/or customer record.


For additional instructions, please refer to the OrangeCRM Help Guide at help.orangecrm.com.

Declined Reason Report in OrangeCRM

Do you need a detailed report when your merchant bank has declined your customer transactions? The Declined Reason report in OrangeCRM will provide you with that information.

It shows the total dollar amount and number of declined, error, and retried transactions according to each of your merchant banks. Most importantly, it gives you the bank’s error codes and a brief message of what that declined code means. For more information on a specific error code, contact your merchant bank for their error code documentation.

You may also select the Show Only Retried Transactions link, available at the top of this report, to limit the report to only the declines reasons for your retried transactions. The Decline Reason report is available via a hyperlink under the Transaction menu, after you select your custom date range (Summary by Date) for the report.

For further information about this or any other report in OrangeCRM, please contact us at: 770-227-0036.

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