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Reduce the Risk of Fraudulent CSR Activity with OrangeCRM’s IP Address Whitelist

OrangeCRM provides many features that are designed to assist your business in risk management. An important area not to be overlooked is the need to protect against fraudulent activity from customer service reps.

One of the many ways OrangeCRM can help to significantly minimize such risk is by giving you the ability to control user access at the IP address level. This valuable feature allows you to block users from accessing OrangeCRM from unauthorized locations or devices, such as their home computer, cell phone or tablet.

Restricting user access to only approved work locations and devices is easy with OrangeCRM’s IP address whitelist. Simply open an ACL User record and go to the IP Address tab.

ACL User - IP Address Tab

Then enable the IP Whitelist and enter the public IP addresses the user is allowed to access from. Multiple IP addresses can be added to the whitelist individually and/or in a range.

ACL User - IP Whitelist

With the IP Whitelist enabled, user access will be denied when login attempts come from an IP address that is not on the whitelist.

For more useful suggestions and preventative measures that can help you reduce the risk of employee theft in OrangeCRM, see our previous post: Could Your Customer Service Reps be Placing Fraudulent Orders?

Have You Seen The New Events Dashboard?

Over the last few months you’ve had a chance to get familiar with using Events to manage and track CSR actions such as refunds, salvages, cancellations, fulfillment re-ships, revenue shares, chargebacks, QA performance and more. We are happy to announce that OrangeCRM version 5.2 comes with a new dashboard, which conveniently displays recent Event activity in easy to read charts and graphs. This new feature is designed to save you time by providing a quick, simple overview of Event performance. To access the Events dashboard, simply go to the Home page and click on the Events tab as shown below.

Home - Events Dashboard

In the Events dashboard, the drop down menu located in the upper left corner gives you the option to view performance for one specific Program or for all Programs. Displayed across the top of the dashboard is a bar graph which shows the quantity of each Event performed in the last 30 days. Below that you will find a chart on the left depicting the number of Events by Trigger Type in the last 30 days, and a chart on the right with the amount of Events by Performance Group in the last 7 days.

Events Dashboard

There’s no need to be alarmed if you do not have the Event dashboard yet. Please be aware that all installations will have OrangeCRM version 5.2 by June 1, 2015.

If you have any questions, please call our support line at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

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