Many of you are accustomed to using Comments and/or Predefined Comments to track and report on CSR actions such as salvages or saved sales. Now that comments are no longer reported on, you may be wondering why this change was made and how you can continue tracking CSR activity. Please read on for the answer.

These changes were made because comments alone are not a reliable way of tracking CSR actions in the CRM. Factors such as the incomplete or inaccurate entry of information, possible false representation, human error, etc. impact whether a comment can be accurately reported on by the system. Since we all want accurate and reliable data, we came up with a much improved way to track CSR actions and report on them.

So how can you effectively track CSR activity? The OrangeEvent module is the perfect solution. It allows you to take full control of CSR activity by defining what actions or “Events” are made available to CSRs, as well as the rules for each Event. Since Events are predefined with their own set of rules, they will always reflect the true actions of your CSRs. This means you are guaranteed accurate and reliable data!

OrangeEvent offers the following 3 performance reports:

  1. CSR Event Comparison Report– Allows you to compare the performance of two different Event Groups of your choice. Example: All Events in the Salvage Event Group vs. All Events in the Cancellation Event Group.
  2. CSR Cancellation Activity Report– Allows you to drill into Cancellation, Salvage and Refund Event Groups to compare the performance of individual Events in each group.
  3. Event Details Report– Provides performance of one Event Group of your choice.

If you have any questions on how to setup Events or how to interpret OrangeEvent reporting, please feel free to contact technical support at 770-227-0036 Ext 1.