Providing Best-In-Class customer service requires innovative ways to keep your customer base satisfied. If it is difficult for your customers to contact you, they will ultimately be displeased with your support. However, one way for them to contact your support staff quickly is by using Live Chat software.

What are some advantages of using a Live Chat service? Here are just a few:

  1. Make an Instant Impression – Let’s face it. No one likes to wait! You will make an instant impression when your agents respond instantly by Live Chat. This can lead to building a trusting customer relationship. They will know that you have both the ability and desire to answer their questions quickly.
  2. Customer Surveys – Outstanding Live Chat software offers post-chat customer feedback or surveys for you to evaluate. Did your agents answer the customer’s questions correctly? Was the customer satisfied with the agents support? These are critical questions that you need to know the answers to. This feedback is your window into your customer’s support experience.
  3.  Support Cost Reduction – Live Chat software allows your service agents to multi-task chats between phone calls or with multiple visitors on your web site. This can reduce support staff costs while increasing your business productivity. Of course, during high traffic hours or seasons, be sure that your support team is adequately staffed to effectively handle your customer service volume.

We live in the “IM generation”. This provides both challenges and opportunities for E-Businesses. Those that adapt to offering innovative ways for keeping their customers satisfied will likely grow faster and be more successful.