Aexxis LLC is pleased to announce the following enhancements now available in OrangeCRM:

  • OrangeCRM now supports Moneris Canada and Moneris US real-time transaction processing.
  • A SQL update has been issued to remove customer conflict records from SQL.
  • OrangeCRM now supports real-time transaction processing with PayPal Payments Pro.
  • OrangeCRM now considers non-Visa and non-Mastercard Maestro card numbers as Other Credit Card (OT) card type.
  • “Set Next Bill Date” has been removed from the list of available billing adjustment options on a master event.
  • Emails sent from Transaction API notifications will now format the %PKGAMT& field using two decimals.
  • “RecPlayback” has been added to the list of available security roles. If assigned to a user, it will allow access to the Recording Playback feature on the Customer Action menu.
  • The Event trigger RECORDING PLAYBACK has been added to master events, which enables the tracking and reporting of recording playback interactions.
  • OrangeSOAP Offers and Offer Upsells now support State and Country filters.
  • OrangeCRM now supports processing with the gateway QuickPay.
  • OrangeCRM now supports as a custom direct fulfillment.
  • When processing USD transactions with iPay Gateway, the Currency Indicator field is now “0”. iPay Gateway merchant processing no longer uses the MRC field to check response codes, only the ARC field is used.
  • OrangeBI™ (Business Intelligence) v1.00 released. This new module provides an updated interface for managing, running and personalizing OrangeCRM reports. Additionally it allows for running 3rd party reports. Access OrangeBI from the Home -> OrangeBI menu option.
  • OrangeCRM now supports the ConCardis processing gateway. Note that the Global Security Parameter -> Hash Algorithm in the ConCardis processing gateway should be set to SHA-1.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support team at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.