Aexxis LLC is pleased to announce the following enhancements and updates, now available in OrangeCRM:

  • The maximum number of transactions in a batch may now be specified per payment type.
  • A merchant bank can now be prevented from replacing the sticky route on a customer.
  • Merchant Bank BIN filters no longer apply to refunds.
  • OrangeCRM now supports the QualPay, VSafe (Vesta) and Inovio Pay merchant gateways.
  • Customer phone number is now sent to Optimal Payments XML gateway.
  • The max length of the Fulfillment Master Name is now forty (40) characters.
  • A new batch job named Purge Bins has been added to purge all BINs from the High Risk Customer Black List.
  • The following two new OrangeCRM API Actions have been added: CUST_CCQUERY and CUST_BLACKLIST.
  • The API action CUSTFLD_ADD now supports multi custom field adds via “!!” row separator.

For more details on the API actions mentioned above, please refer to the OrangeCRM API Specification PDF v3.81.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support team at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.