Aexxis LLC is pleased to announce the following enhancements now available in OrangeCRM:

  • You can now create an unlimited number of Custom Fields on customer records, using the Custom Field Template in the Customer Tab of an Offer or via API. For API support of custom fields, please see the CUSTFLD_ADD and CUSTFLD_UPDATE actions in the OrangeCRM API Specification PDF v3.73.
  • The Generic Delimited fulfillment layout has been upgraded to the Visual Editor layout, which allows an unlimited number of fields.
  • API and Fulfillment customer email messages now support a 3rd party carbon copy email address.
  • The API action CUST_COPY now accepts a new date of last process using the ‘q_cust_lastproc=’ field.
  • OrangeCRM now supports the v2 (JSON) gateway using the Merchant Bank API “CheckOutV2.”
  • The Acquisition Center – Lead Scrub tab – Lead Load Options now includes Customer Custom Field #6.
  • The fulfillment (RDC) now pulls the Policy Number from the fourth response field “restaurant code.”
  • Customer API Billing Plan and Billing Plan ID fields have been added to the SQL table.
  • Call Center and Call Center GUID have been added to the CUST_QUERY API action.
  • Optimal Payments transaction processing now accepts ACH and CAD payment types.
  • OrangeCRM now supports the custom fulfillment Paramount.
  • Revenue Shares may now be edited on a transaction using the TRANSACTION REVSHARE CHANGE event.
  • The OrangeCRM API actions TRAN_QUERY and CUST_TRAN_QUERY now return the field q_tran_cycle.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support team at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.