Are you losing new continuity customers because of poor customer service? According to a recent article in TechRadar, poor customer service can cost your business more than you may have ever imagined.

The article below explains that 81% of customers who felt they were treated badly will go elsewhere the next time. Some 48% of these customers said they’d spread the word, telling their friends and relatives of the bad service they had received. So you might say that poor customer service will cost you, not only some of your current customers, but a lot of your potential future ones. Logically, this would apply to your continuity business. You need those future referral customers because they represent your potential for growth.

One solution to poor customer service is to give your staff the right tools they need to respond quickly to your customer’s needs or complaints. We recommend OrangeTask! OrangeTask is a robust web based customer service solution that is fully integrated with OrangeCRM. Best of all, it is included in your monthly subscription to OrangeCRM. Are you using it to its full potential?

Of course, your customer support representatives need to be trained, not only with OrangeTask, but more importantly, on the proper etiquette for handling difficult customer issues. So, we blog monthly on common customer support issues that arise daily. We strive to make them brief and to the point.

We recommend that you continue to check out this blog regularly for the latest tips on growing your continuity business.  Don’t suffer the cost of poor customer service. Keep your business growing with great customer service!

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