We are pleased to announce an updated user interface for OrangeCRM version 6.0. This version comes with a number of interface changes, specifically targeted at touch devices. If you haven’t been upgraded to version 6 yet, you can expect it soon.

When you log into OrangeCRM, the classic interface that you’ve grown accustomed to will continue to appear by default. You will have the ability to toggle back and forth between the classic and touch interfaces as needed.

Each user is also able to set their own preferences by choosing which of the two interfaces they wish to set as their default.

How to Switch from Classic to Touch

In the classic interface, go to the Home menu and click on OrangeCRM Touch UI.

How to Switch from Touch to Classic

In the touch interface, click the Classic button located in the upper right corner of the home page.

How to Set Your Default Interface Preference

In the touch interface, click the Preferences button in the upper right corner of the home page.

Note: By default, all current users are set to the classic interface on login.

We will be updating and improving the touch interface as we move forward, so we encourage everyone to start using it.