We are pleased to announce two new training manuals available for download at help.orangecrm.com:

  1. OrangeCRM Quick Setup Guide– This is for system admins only. It provides step by step instructions for a basic OrangeCRM configuration.
  2. IssueBreeze CSR Training Manual– This is for CSRs who use the IssueBreeze ticketing system in conjunction with OrangeCRM. It contains instructions on how to create and manage tickets.

Also available for download is an updated version of the OrangeCRM CSR Functions Manual, which includes instructions on how to use the new features released in the latest version of OrangeCRM.

All of the above training materials are available on the Documentation Downloads page of the OrangeCRM Online Help Guide. To access this page, simply login to your OrangeCRM and go to the Home Menu >Online Help.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support at 770-227-0036.