We are pleased to announce the release of our new Client Portal, which enables you to efficiently manage your OrangeCRM account and quickly perform multiple account related tasks all in one place.

What is the OrangeCRM Client Portal?

The Client Portal is where authorized software users can go to manage their client account with us, the software provider. Within the Client Portal, actions such as the following can be performed:

  • submit and view service request tickets
  • make and view payments
  • add or remove software modules
  • access the OrangeCRM Help Guide, Blog and Live Chat.

Important Changes

  • Service request tickets will no longer be submitted at tickets.aexxis.com.
  • You now have full control over who has access to our ticketing system rather than having to ask us to grant your users with ticket access.

How to Manage a User’s Level of Portal Access

The Client Portal offers tiered access levels, allowing you to control the level of access a user has based on their particular job function. By default, all OrangeCRM users will automatically have the minimum level of access to the Client Portal, which includes the Help Guide, Blog, and Live Chat. All other buttons will be grayed out and disabled unless a higher level of access is granted by a system admin.

To manage a user’s level of portal access, open the ACL User record in OrangeCRM and click the Client Portal Access button in the right panel.

A new window will pop-up where you can select the desired level of access. Select a Security Profile from the drop-down menu to view a description of
the level of access it will allow.

Once you have made your final Security Profile selection, click the Add Access button, which will auto-close the ACL User record.

To confirm Portal Access was successfully added, re-open the ACL User record and look at the big buttons in the right panel. You should now see the top button grayed out and the 2 middle buttons should now be orange.

Use the Update Portal Access button to edit the user’s level of access to the Client Portal.

Use the Remove Portal Access button to restore the minimum level of access, which includes the Help Guide, Blog, and Live Chat.

How Does a User Access the Client Portal?

To access the Client Portal from the classic user interface, go to the Home menu and click on Client Portal.

To access the Client Portal from the touch user interface, click on the red Client Portal button which can be found on the home page or in the Rubik’s Cube menu located in the upper left corner of any page.

For more information about how to use the Client Portal or manage user access, please click on the Help Guide button on the portal’s home page.