Clear, accurate data is crucial in managing lead payouts. This is especially true since a number of factors can cause a lead’s status to change during the customer’s life cycle. OrangeCRM makes it easy to determine whether or not a lead is payable by giving you full control over when, why and how lead statuses are updated.

Manage when a lead’s status should be updated at the Fee Schedule level. This gives you the freedom to customize when a lead is to be considered payable or non-payable based on the payment cycle,  e.g. at the end of a trial period or during the first  continuity billing after the initial purchase.

Choose why a lead’s status is to be changed in the Fee Schedule Responses tab. Options include: Transaction Accepted, Transaction Declined, Transaction Error, Transaction Retry.

Finally, define how the lead will be updated by selecting the desired status for each of the options mentioned above.

Fee Schedule Responses - Set Lead Status

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