Does your business use more than one reporting system? Why not save time by bringing all of your reports into one location?

With OrangeCRM Business Intelligence, you can conveniently access all 3rd party, in-house and OrangeCRM reports from one application. This platform has some great features including:

  • tile based UI that supports touch devices
  • multi-frame interactive reporting
  • support for any html based report system (including BIRT, PHP, PERL)
  • support for all Javascript based reporting (including jsreport, stimulsoft and Google Reporting API v4)
  • independent user access control
  • sifter based report search
  • end-user assigned keywords and categories for quick report retrieval
  • thumb nail display and pre-selection

Report integration is simple with our Report Profile form, which is where all of the necessary elements for security, parameter collection, and interactive display are entered.

For more information, please call our support team at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.