OrangeCRM v5.20 comes with a new feature designed to make the order fulfillment process more efficient by providing a way for your distribution center to sort fulfillment files based on specific customer data. Fulfillments can now be grouped together with the use of a Box ID, which is automatically generated based on the criteria you have defined.

There are numerous data points on which you may choose to base your Box IDs. Here are just a few examples of how Box IDs can be used:

  • A Box ID can be generated for each unique shipping address so that multiple items going to the same address can easily be combined into one package.
  • A Box ID can be generated for each package type to facilitate efficient coordination of various packaging materials.
  • A Box ID can be generated based on any of the custom fields used on the customer record.
  • Box IDs can even be used in conjunction with dimensional shipping software, grouping all items that go in a single box so that the size of the box needed can be calculated.

To enable the use of Box IDs, simply go to the Fulfillment Setup Tab and enable Combine Packaging. Then select the customer data field you wish to generate a Box ID for.

Fulfillment Combine Packaging

Finally, go to the Builder tab and add the Box ID field to your fulfillment file.

Fulfillment File Builder - Box ID

A 32 digit hash will be generated in the Box ID field, which will act as a reference number that traces back to the customer data assigned to it.

The CRM will update imported tracking numbers on fulfillments using either the Request GUID, Customer GUID or Box ID value. This means fulfillment response files may use the Box ID in place of the Request GUID or Customer GUID.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.