Did you know you can control which transactions OrangeCRM recognizes as Approved, Declined, Error, Retried or Chargeback? That’s right, OrangeCRM allows you to dictate how it handles each response code from your payment gateway and which transaction status is triggered.

A gateway response code is the message your payment processor sends back to the CRM for each transaction. Although the Merchant Bank form automatically populates the response codes for the selected gateway and assigns them to a default transaction status, you can choose to either keep the CRM’s default settings or customize them as needed.


Using the transaction pictured above as an example, let’s say your gateway uses response code 258 for “invalid cards” and the CRM default transaction status is Error. Well, you may wish to treat “invalid cards” as declines instead of errors. In that case you would simply go to the Gateway Response Codes section in the Merchant Bank Setup tab (see image below), remove response code 258 from the Error Codes list and insert it in the Decline Codes list. You could also add it to the list of Retry Codes if you want the CRM to automatically retry all “invalid card” transactions.


This is just one example of numerous ways in which you can customize how OrangeCRM handles transactions based on your gateway’s response codes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.