Integrate 3rd Party or In-House Reports with OrangeBI

Does your business use more than one reporting system? Why not save time by bringing all of your reports into one location?

With OrangeCRM Business Intelligence, you can conveniently access all 3rd party, in-house and OrangeCRM reports from one application. This platform has some great features including:

  • tile based UI that supports touch devices
  • multi-frame interactive reporting
  • support for any html based report system (including BIRT, PHP, PERL)
  • support for all Javascript based reporting (including jsreport, stimulsoft and Google Reporting API v4)
  • independent user access control
  • sifter based report search
  • end-user assigned keywords and categories for quick report retrieval
  • thumb nail display and pre-selection

Report integration is simple with our Report Profile form, which is where all of the necessary elements for security, parameter collection, and interactive display are entered.

For more information, please call our support team at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

New Feature: Set Transaction Quantity Limits at the Payment Type Level

OrangeCRM has a new feature that gives you the ability to specify individual max transaction counts per card type, giving you the option to manage transaction processing at a more granular level.

This may be helpful in cases where your merchant service provider charges a fee or penalty for exceeding a daily limit on the number of transactions processed for certain card brands.

To use this feature, go to the  Credit Cards tab in the Merchant Bank and enter the transaction count limit in the field named Batch Limit – Count for each card type.

These limits apply to each batch that is processed. If you have a daily max you do not wish to exceed and you process a particular Merchant Bank Batch Job more than once per day, you will need to divide the Batch Limit Count accordingly.

If the transaction count limit is met, any transactions left over will remain in queue until they are processed by a subsequent bank batch.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

Tax Compliance for the 2016 Holiday Season

The busiest time of the year for merchants has arrived, with peak retail days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching.

What are the top four most common tax compliance challenges that can become particularly complex during the holiday season, and how can you ensure your business is prepared?

To find the answers, check out this whitepaper – complete with a Holiday Readiness Checklist – provided by sales tax management provider Avalara: Tax Compliance for the Holiday Season — 2016 Edition.


Increase Email Open Rates with Your Display Name

One of the first things recipients look at when deciding to open an email is whether or not they know who the sender is. If the message is from a company, chances are high that it will get marked as advertising and ultimately deleted.

How can you keep your marketing emails out of the dreaded Trash folder? One thing that may give you an advantage over competitors is the strategic use of an email display name. This allows you to control what appears in the From section. While browsing their inbox, consumers will see your display name instead of your company’s email address.

What makes an effective display name? That may vary based on the type of email being sent and who will be receiving it. When sending order confirmations, shipping notifications and the like to existing customers, a display name containing the company name or product name should be easily recognized.

For marketing emails being sent to leads or past customers, you may get better results if the message appears to be from an actual individual in your organization. This gives it a personal touch, which is much more likely to prompt recipients to read the message.

OrangeCRM makes it quick and easy to manage your display name on each outgoing email that is generated. Simply go to the Builder tab of the email fulfillment. In the Return Address field, enter your display name followed by your company’s return email address, enclosed in the less than (<) and greater than (>) signs.

Example: ABC Service <>

Email Fulfillment - Display Name in Return Address


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