OrangeCRM Reporting Tip: Don’t Name All of Your Children Bob

Let’s pretend that you have two children and your favorite name is Bob. Would you name both of your children Bob? Of course not! Why not? Because it would cause a lot of confusion.

The same is true with OrangeCRM reporting. Acquisition Centers are the children of a Program. If you have more than one Acquisition Center with the same name, even if they reside in different Programs, it can be difficult to differentiate between them in reports.

To avoid potential confusion, make it a rule to choose unique names that will allow you to easily identify which Acquisition Center you are reporting on – is it the one in Program A or the one in Program B?

Having Trouble Locating the Report You Need?

At first glance, it may appear a little challenging to find a specific report in OrangeCRM’s new reporting module OrangeBI (Business Intelligence). But once you become a little more familiar with it, you will be pleased to find that locating the report you’re looking for is actually much quicker and more convenient than ever before! Read on to discover how you can benefit from some of the new time-saving report features that are now available.

Browse by Report Type

Want to see all of the available report options based on the type of report you need? Simply browse by report type. The report list on the home page can be narrowed down to a certain type of report by selecting one of the main categories from the Main Category drop down menu, located beside the search box at the top of the page.


After selecting a main category, the report list will automatically refresh and will only display reports in the chosen category. The report list can then be narrowed down even further by selecting one or more sub-categories from the “Refine By” options displayed to the left of the report list.


Search for a Specific Report

The quickest way to find a single specific report would be to use the search box located at the top of the page. You can search for a word or group of words in the report title or the report description.


To narrow down the search results, use the main category and sub-category filters as explained in the previous subheading.

Add Reports to Your Favorites List

The My Favorites feature allows you to save or “bookmark”  frequently used reports for quick and easy retrieval, without having to perform a search to find them. Your favorites list is unique to you. Each user has their own personal My Favorites list, which is conveniently displayed in the right pane of the home page, beside the main report list.


For instructions on how to add a report to My Favorites, please refer to the OrangeCRM Help Guide at > Reports > How to Access & Generate Reports.

Why Can’t a User Access the Reporting Module, OrangeBI?

Although OrangeCRM usernames and passwords are automatically copied to OrangeBI (Business Intelligence), not all users will instantly have access to reporting. The most common reason for denied access to reports is due to the user not having been assigned OrangeBI User Security Roles. OrangeBI uses a unique set of Roles, which are different than those used in OrangeCRM. For that reason, OrangeBI User Roles must be managed separately.

Since role assignments are required for access, and because not all users will meet the requirements for having an OrangeBI Security Profile automatically assigned, some users will require manual Security Role/Profile assignments by a system admin in order for report access to be granted. For instructions, please visit the OrangeCRM Help Guide at and navigate to the “Reports” book >How to Manage Report Users.

Time Saving Tip: Take advantage of OrangeBI’s automatic User Role assignment feature. The following two requirements must be met:

  1. The User must have an OrangeCRM Security Profile assignment
  2. A matching OrangeBI Security Profile must exist

When a new user is created, OrangeBI looks for an OrangeCRM Security Profile that matches one of its own Security Profiles. If it finds a match, all of the Roles that belong to the matching OrangeBI Security Profile will automatically be assigned to the user. This in turn changes the OrangeBI user’s status from New to Active, granting them instant access to reporting.


Use Performance Groups To Customize Reporting

Performance Groups are an excellent feature in OrangeCRM that give you the ability to group related data together in reporting, providing a top level view which you can drill into to see a breakout of each component in the Performance Group.

For example, let’s say you have multiple down-sell Billing Plans and you want the option of seeing the data for all of them collectively. You would create one Performance Group, and then you would select that Performance Group on each one of your down-sell Billing Plans. If you want to see the data for each down-sell Billing Plan individually, you will be able to drill into the Performance Group to see a breakout by Billing Plan.

To create a Performance Group, simply go to the Lists Menu and click on Performance Groups, then click the New Group button in the top right corner. You can assign Performance Groups to Acquisition Centers, Billing Plans, Events, Fulfillments and Merchant Banks. This allows you to define the components that belong to each Performance Group.

If you have any questions about how to use Performance Groups please feel free to contact our support desk at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

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