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Marketing Strategy Tip – Investing in Customer Service Software

Today’s savvy customers use various social media networks that can affect your marketing efforts. This may occur if they have just one bad interaction with your company. This will eventually quite literally “hit you in the pocket.”

Nevertheless, we believe that the impact of social networking sites on business enterprises is ultimately for the good. The message is clear: “Take Good Care of Your Customer, or Someone Else Will.” But, isn’t that what all businesses should strive to do anyway? This is clearly a solid business reason for investing in a robust customer service software, to take GOOD care of your customers!

Yes, one of the most important pieces of software that a business will ever use is its customer service or help desk software, especially in the era of social media sites. Customer service software is the “central link” or “common thread” that ties the entire customer service experience. Think of it as your direct LINK to your customer!

So, our marketing tip is to make every customer interaction as positive as possible. Invest the necessary time and attention to training your staff to treat your customers well. Research and invest in a good customer service software. This is often an important “hidden” reason why some companies win the praises of their customers. Investing in customer service software is an investment toward your customer’s satisfaction. It is well worth it!

Customer service has become the distinguishing factor between companies and business that have the same product or service. The obvious question will be which one has the better customer support policy or service? Haven’t we all experienced that? So if your company is not currently using a quality, efficient customer service solution, then ask yourself: “Why not”?

Motivating Customer Service Quotes

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us – we are dependent on him.”

“Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.”

“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.”

“Every client you keep, is one less that you need to find.”

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Great Customer Service – It’s all about Attitude – Be Respectful

Every customer deserves to be treated with respect. However, at times, it can be challenging to give our customers their due respect. Some of these challenges come from internal and external influences. For example, how easy it is to lose regard or respect for a customer under the following situations:

  • The customer takes a long time to grasp the explanation you are giving them.
  • The customer is using outdated equipment, technology, or dated software.
  • The customer starts to complain that the repair is taking too long.
  • The customer gives you a late request for a complex problem.

Yes, all these things can make providing good customer service a challenge indeed. Logically, all of these things can create a certain amount of stress. We may start to become careless and even disrespectful. Nevertheless, how can customer service agents keep their “composure” and show the proper respect for each customer? Once again, good customer service is all about attitude. Your attitude!

Here are three helpful suggestions to treat each customer with respect:

  1. Remember they are coming to you for help and support. You are their“support lifeline” so to speak.
  2. Use the opportunity to develop a good reputation with your customers. This could actually reduce future friction and even create a more positive relationship with them.
  3. Put yourself in your “customer’s shoes” and get to understand their circumstances. How would you like to be treated?

Please remember that showing the customer respect will ALWAYS make for a more pleasant outcome; rather than giving into negative emotions or being disrespectful. So never lose control of the situation. Remain calm, confident and respectful! In this way, your customer service will be regarded as a “cut above the rest.”

Offering Online Payment Methods Can Improve Your Customer Service

If you want to improve your level of customer service and increase your overall customer satisfaction, offering online payment methods is just the way to do it. Online payment methods can allow your customers to purchase your products more easily, seamlessly, and without all the hustle and bustle of a brick-and-mortar store. They’ll appreciate this added convenience and, in return, will reward you with more purchases, more sales, and what’s even better, more profits.

All in all, online payment methods can afford these benefits to your customers:

  • It allows them to shop at their leisure, all from the comfort of their own home. They’re free to take as much – or as little – time browsing as they’d like. Plus, there are no pushy sales people and no long cash register lines.
  • They’re not limited to your store hours. Typical business hours aren’t convenient for every single customer. Some buyers only have nights to shop, others only have weekends, and still others may only have the early morning. Offering online payment methods can help ensure your customers can shop whenever they see fit – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • They’re not limited by geography. Not every customer who wants to buy from you is going to be right around the corner. Online payment methods make sure, no matter where a customer is located, they can purchase your products and have them shipped right to their front door.
  • It allows them to use a variety of forms of payment. One of the best, most convenient parts of offering online payment methods is the number of options it affords your customers. They can choose to use a credit or debit card to pay for their purchase, transfer money directly from their bank, or even use an e-check, digital wallet, or third-party service like PayPal – whatever is easiest and most convenient for them.

Do you want to better serve your loyal customers? Then consider offering online payment methods today. Total Apps is one provider for online payments. They can be reached at: 949-274-8975 for more information or for help in finding the right online payment processor for your business.

“Your Call is Very Important to Us”

Have you ever heard the customer service message, “Your call is very important to us,” and then you found yourself stuck waiting for a very long time on the phone? Did you feel that your call was really important to them? Probably not!

Isn’t it amazing how even the best worded statements are meaningless if you sense that they really are not sincere. How can a call center demonstrate that their customer calls are very important to them? We have three suggestions:

  1. Give your customers the ability to select a call-back option. This way their issue can be addressed without them having to be stuck on the phone.
  2. Develop a corporate culture that lives up to this message. This involves creating policies and business processes that support excellent customer service standards.
  3. Review and upgrade your technology to support your customer’s needs. Companies that keep pace with technology have a real advantage over those that don’t. Make sure your support staff has the right tools.

It may be easy to say, “Your call is very important to us”, but it is a whole different thing to really support that idea. As we have seen, it takes good planning, organization and investing in technology to mean it when you say it.

New Training Documentation for IssueBreeze

We are pleased to inform you about some new training documentation for system users of IssueBreeze – OrangeCRM’s advanced customer service solution.

Our online help text manual now has a PDF link for:

1. IssueBreeze setup documentation for managers.
2. IssueBreeze CSR training documentation for your support staff.

Here is the location of these new training documents: Go to the Documentation Downloads page and click on the PDF that you want.

We are making every effort to make it easier for our customers to understand the various features available in IssueBreeze. You may also contact us directly with any setup or training questions at (770) 227-0036.

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