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Searching for Customers in OrangeCRM

To get the best result when searching for a customer in OrangeCRM, try to avoid searching by the customer’s name. Spelling errors during the order entry process are common. Although you may have everything spelled correctly in your search, you might not find a match due to a misspelling on the customer record.

To increase your chances of finding a match, try searching for any of the following values instead of the customer’s name:

  • Customer GUID
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Street Address
  • Zip Code

For more basic and advanced search tips, please visit > OrangeCRM Help Guide > Searching in OrangeCRM.

Reduce the Risk of Fraudulent CSR Activity with OrangeCRM’s IP Address Whitelist

OrangeCRM provides many features that are designed to assist your business in risk management. An important area not to be overlooked is the need to protect against fraudulent activity from customer service reps.

One of the many ways OrangeCRM can help to significantly minimize such risk is by giving you the ability to control user access at the IP address level. This valuable feature allows you to block users from accessing OrangeCRM from unauthorized locations or devices, such as their home computer, cell phone or tablet.

Restricting user access to only approved work locations and devices is easy with OrangeCRM’s IP address whitelist. Simply open an ACL User record and go to the IP Address tab.

ACL User - IP Address Tab

Then enable the IP Whitelist and enter the public IP addresses the user is allowed to access from. Multiple IP addresses can be added to the whitelist individually and/or in a range.

ACL User - IP Whitelist

With the IP Whitelist enabled, user access will be denied when login attempts come from an IP address that is not on the whitelist.

For more useful suggestions and preventative measures that can help you reduce the risk of employee theft in OrangeCRM, see our previous post: Could Your Customer Service Reps be Placing Fraudulent Orders?

How Top Companies Retain Good Employees and Increase Performance

Every business owner knows that honest, hard-working employees are hard to come by. So when you find one, it’s important to maintain a healthy work relationship by showing them that you appreciate their value and view them as an asset.

Although that may seem like an obvious strategy for retaining good workers, a recent article on states that “only 36 percent of professionals surveyed by compensation website PayScale believe they are being paid fairly, according to data released in the fall of 2015. A second PayScale report, released in February 2016, shows why that perception poses a problem for managers.”

“When it comes to retaining good employees, pay practices are extremely important,” said Tim Low, senior vice president of marketing at PayScale. Companies surveyed for the website’s recent compensation report cited pay as the No. 1 reason employees chose to leave their jobs, even ahead of “personal issues”, which came in at second place. PayScale surveyed 7,600 executives, business managers, and human resource practitioners in U.S. companies for its report.

Top performing companies use OrangeCRM’s flexible tools to dynamically manage incentive programs, accurately track performance metrics and view comparison analytics on personnel. The OrangeEvent module defines specific actions that comprise an employee reward initiative, traces each of those actions back to the agent and/or team who performed them and establishes various decision pathways by providing multiple performance reports with a side by side Event comparison option and custom views divided by Performance Groups.

Listed below are some of the practices and additional strategies used to prevent the loss of valuable employees and improve overall performance. Thirty percent of the companies in the survey that produced this data were what PayScale called “top performers,” defined as market leaders that exceeded 2015 revenue expectations.

  • Embrace transparent communication about pay. Across six categories related to pay transparency, top-performing companies were clearer about pay than were average companies. A previous PayScale report, released in October, found that transparency around pay is an effective way to drive more employee engagement. A survey of 71,000 employees found that 81 percent of employees would feel satisfied with getting paid less than market value for work if their manager took the time to explain the company’s reasoning behind the salary.
  • Train managers how to engage with employees about compensation. Only 35 percent of companies surveyed said they train managers on how to engage with employees about compensation. Even fewer companies (17 percent) report being “very confident” in their managers’ abilities to lead a discussion about pay. Nevertheless, it’s important for a company to have the right internal structures to support pay transparency. As stated by Tim Low, senior vice president of marketing at PayScale, “Companies need to make a cultural shift in the way they approach compensation,” because paying out bonuses and giving raises are less effective in retaining workers than explaining a salary and laying out a plausible pathway for an employee to increase salary while at the company.
  • Give bonuses. The top-performing companies did more than just talk about pay, said the report. They also rewarded employees based on their contribution to the bottom line. Eighty-one percent of top performers said they give out bonuses, whereas only 74 percent of average companies did. “It’s an important issue for managers to consider,” said Low, “Because there is some emerging thought that says rewarding employee performance can have a higher impact on overall shareholder value.”
  • Increase budget for bonuses in 2016. Top performers are also more likely to increase their budget for bonuses in 2016, and give team bonuses, than are average companies.
  • Provide a rewards statement for compensation. Nearly half of all top performers reported that they embrace transparent communication around pay and give employees a total rewards statement for compensation, while only 39 percent of companies deemed “average” by PayScale said the same.

For more details and step by step instructions, please visit our online help guide at > OrangeCRM Help Guide > Events.

Are You Looking For Ways To Limit Customer Service Errors?

Would you like to maximize your control over customer service activity? One of the many ways OrangeCRM helps you do just that is by allowing you to define when your customer service reps are allowed to make billing adjustments to customers, as well as which Billing Plans are displayed for selection.

Each Billing Plan is assigned a Type upon creation. You may not have paid too much attention to the Bill Plan Type before, since the default is set to “Standard”. However, you can choose from 3 different Billing Plan Types: Standard, Salvage or Cancelation (see image below). This simple setting is a useful tool that allows you to group Bill Plans into categories based on their function.


CSR billing adjustments can then be restricted to a specific Billing Plan Type on an Event. Simply go to the Event and select the allowed Bill Plan Type in the Billing Adjustment drop down menu. This will limit the Bill Plans that are displayed to CSRs when they perform that Event. In the example pictured below, only Bill Plans assigned to the “Salvage” Type will be available for CSR selection.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact our support desk at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

Estimated Bill Dates Now Update Instantly

CSRs rely on the Estimated Bill Date on a customer record to provide the correct next bill date. Previously, Estimated Bill Dates didn’t recalculate until the Figure Billing Estimates batch job ran.

Now that billing can be either postponed or preponed through a Customer Salvage Event, we have added an enhancement that automatically recalculates the Estimated Bill Date when a billing time adjustment is made. This allows CSRs to immediately see the updated Estimated Bill Date and provide customers with the most up to date information.

If you have any questions, please call support at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

Removal of Comment Reporting Enables Improved Tracking of CSR Activity

Many of you are accustomed to using Comments and/or Predefined Comments to track and report on CSR actions such as salvages or saved sales. Now that comments are no longer reported on, you may be wondering why this change was made and how you can continue tracking CSR activity. Please read on for the answer.

These changes were made because comments alone are not a reliable way of tracking CSR actions in the CRM. Factors such as the incomplete or inaccurate entry of information, possible false representation, human error, etc. impact whether a comment can be accurately reported on by the system. Since we all want accurate and reliable data, we came up with a much improved way to track CSR actions and report on them.

So how can you effectively track CSR activity? The OrangeEvent module is the perfect solution. It allows you to take full control of CSR activity by defining what actions or “Events” are made available to CSRs, as well as the rules for each Event. Since Events are predefined with their own set of rules, they will always reflect the true actions of your CSRs. This means you are guaranteed accurate and reliable data!

OrangeEvent offers the following 3 performance reports:

  1. CSR Event Comparison Report– Allows you to compare the performance of two different Event Groups of your choice. Example: All Events in the Salvage Event Group vs. All Events in the Cancellation Event Group.
  2. CSR Cancellation Activity Report– Allows you to drill into Cancellation, Salvage and Refund Event Groups to compare the performance of individual Events in each group.
  3. Event Details Report– Provides performance of one Event Group of your choice.

If you have any questions on how to setup Events or how to interpret OrangeEvent reporting, please feel free to contact technical support at 770-227-0036 Ext 1.

New Training Documentation Now Available

We are pleased to announce two new training manuals available for download at

  1. OrangeCRM Quick Setup Guide– This is for system admins only. It provides step by step instructions for a basic OrangeCRM configuration.
  2. IssueBreeze CSR Training Manual– This is for CSRs who use the IssueBreeze ticketing system in conjunction with OrangeCRM. It contains instructions on how to create and manage tickets.

Also available for download is an updated version of the OrangeCRM CSR Functions Manual, which includes instructions on how to use the new features released in the latest version of OrangeCRM.

All of the above training materials are available on the Documentation Downloads page of the OrangeCRM Online Help Guide. To access this page, simply login to your OrangeCRM and go to the Home Menu >Online Help.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support at 770-227-0036.

Recommended User Security Roles

Protecting your company’s data is extremely important to both your company and to us! So we recommend that you grant your OrangeCRM users ONLY the level of access that their work function requires.

You may be wondering which roles or permissions are appropriate for different types of users. Although the decision is ultimately up to the CRM administrator, we have compiled a list of recommended security roles for each user level, to give you an idea of which permissions typically work well together. This list can be found on pages 11 and 12 of our CSR Trainer’s Manual, which is available for download at

Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions, and only the CRM administrator can decide which permissions should be assigned to each individual user. If you have any questions, please contact our support line at 770-227-0036.

Reasons Why You Should Use Live Chat Software

Providing Best-In-Class customer service requires innovative ways to keep your customer base satisfied. If it is difficult for your customers to contact you, they will ultimately be displeased with your support. However, one way for them to contact your support staff quickly is by using Live Chat software.

What are some advantages of using a Live Chat service? Here are just a few:

  1. Make an Instant Impression – Let’s face it. No one likes to wait! You will make an instant impression when your agents respond instantly by Live Chat. This can lead to building a trusting customer relationship. They will know that you have both the ability and desire to answer their questions quickly.
  2. Customer Surveys – Outstanding Live Chat software offers post-chat customer feedback or surveys for you to evaluate. Did your agents answer the customer’s questions correctly? Was the customer satisfied with the agents support? These are critical questions that you need to know the answers to. This feedback is your window into your customer’s support experience.
  3.  Support Cost Reduction – Live Chat software allows your service agents to multi-task chats between phone calls or with multiple visitors on your web site. This can reduce support staff costs while increasing your business productivity. Of course, during high traffic hours or seasons, be sure that your support team is adequately staffed to effectively handle your customer service volume.

We live in the “IM generation”. This provides both challenges and opportunities for E-Businesses. Those that adapt to offering innovative ways for keeping their customers satisfied will likely grow faster and be more successful.

OrangeTask – Grow your Continuity Business w/ GREAT Customer Service!

Are you losing new continuity customers because of poor customer service? According to a recent article in TechRadar, poor customer service can cost your business more than you may have ever imagined.

The article below explains that 81% of customers who felt they were treated badly will go elsewhere the next time. Some 48% of these customers said they’d spread the word, telling their friends and relatives of the bad service they had received. So you might say that poor customer service will cost you, not only some of your current customers, but a lot of your potential future ones. Logically, this would apply to your continuity business. You need those future referral customers because they represent your potential for growth.

One solution to poor customer service is to give your staff the right tools they need to respond quickly to your customer’s needs or complaints. We recommend OrangeTask! OrangeTask is a robust web based customer service solution that is fully integrated with OrangeCRM. Best of all, it is included in your monthly subscription to OrangeCRM. Are you using it to its full potential?

Of course, your customer support representatives need to be trained, not only with OrangeTask, but more importantly, on the proper etiquette for handling difficult customer issues. So, we blog monthly on common customer support issues that arise daily. We strive to make them brief and to the point.

We recommend that you continue to check out this blog regularly for the latest tips on growing your continuity business.  Don’t suffer the cost of poor customer service. Keep your business growing with great customer service!

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