New Online Help Content Now Available

Aexxis LLC is pleased to announce our updated OrangeCRM help text available at

Although we are still in the process of modifying the order in which topics appear in the table of contents to make it easier and faster to find what you are looking for, the information is now up to date with instructions on how to use the latest features released in OrangeCRM.

Here is a list of some of the new online help content that will help you get the most out of your CRM:

  • How to create Events to track and manage CSR activity.
  • How to batch multiple master fulfillments at the same time and merge them into a single file using a Distribution Center.
  • How to define & generate Box IDs for fulfillment file sorting with the Combine Packaging feature.
  • How to create and print packing slips in OrangeCRM for pick and pack fulfillment.
  • How to convert an Inqueue capture to a purchase transaction when a preauth has expired before funds were captured.
  • How to resubmit a declined purchase transaction in real time.
  • How to manage your gateway response codes to control which transactions OrangeCRM recognizes as Approved, Declined, Error, Retried or Chargeback.
  • How to use the reports in the home page tabs to get a quick overview of your latest CRM data.
  • How to restrict CSR billing adjustments by Bill Plan type.
  • How to create a new offer in the OrangeSOAP module.
  • How to process a new OrangeSOAP order.

We also have a new document available for download to assist you in building advanced search expressions called Field Search Terms and Descriptions. This document provides a complete listing of the official search terms for the fields in each searchable record type (customers, comments, fulfillments, leads, events, tickets, transactions). To download the Field Search Terms and Descriptions document, go to the OrangeCRM Download Page or go to the Searching, Advanced page at

If you have any suggestions for more topics you would like to see in the online help manual, please feel free to submit a service request in the Help Text queue (Queue 9) at


Q2 2015 OrangeCRM Enhancements

Aexxis LLC is pleased to announce the following enhancements to OrangeCRM. These updates are now available:

  • Specification of new credit card expiration date has been added to the Immediate Decline Salvage dialog and all other credit card acquisition forms.
  • Customer estimated billing dates now recalculate on a Customer Salvage billing time adjustment.
  • The Sales Order and Acquisition Processing (SOAP) module is now available. This module allows CSRs to create and bill new customers using a predefined Offer. Among its features are Revenue Shares, real-time banking, multiple fulfillments, multiple upsells and a host of new reports.
  • Fulfillment performance group type has been added to the list filter criteria for Performance Groups.
  • Fee Schedules will now allow a customer status change to NEW after processing a transaction.
  • API forms now correctly display their Access and Revisions tab.
  • OrangeCRM now supports the CheckOut Merchant Bank.
  • For the merchant bank Optimal Payment XML, “Process as Recurring” now controls the flag. Mark ENABLE to send “PreviousCustomer = true”.
  • OrangeCRM now supports the Card Knox Merchant Bank using their USAePay emulation API.
  • American Express credit cards will now display the correct payment fields in OrangeSOAP.
  • Added support for multi-file customer, transaction, comment and event databases.
  • Removed historical tabs from the user interface.
  • Customer billing now processes according to the Bill Queue assignment of the customer.
  • The Event export to CSV quick find feature now includes the Event Name column.
  • Quick Find result sets are now limited to 250 hits and the “showing” count selector has been removed. To get more than the current limit of Quick Find search results, make sure you have the role QuickFindExport and use the CSV Export option.
  • Fulfillment and Distribution Centers now include Combined Packaging via the Box ID hash.
  • Retrying SOAP Orders now reloads the customer data.
  • SOAP Orders now round robin to the second processor of choice when retrying using a load balance.

If you have any questions, please contact our support desk at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.


Have You Seen The New Events Dashboard?

Over the last few months you’ve had a chance to get familiar with using Events to manage and track CSR actions such as refunds, salvages, cancellations, fulfillment re-ships, revenue shares, chargebacks, QA performance and more. We are happy to announce that OrangeCRM version 5.2 comes with a new dashboard, which conveniently displays recent Event activity in easy to read charts and graphs. This new feature is designed to save you time by providing a quick, simple overview of Event performance. To access the Events dashboard, simply go to the Home page and click on the Events tab as shown below.

Home - Events Dashboard

In the Events dashboard, the drop down menu located in the upper left corner gives you the option to view performance for one specific Program or for all Programs. Displayed across the top of the dashboard is a bar graph which shows the quantity of each Event performed in the last 30 days. Below that you will find a chart on the left depicting the number of Events by Trigger Type in the last 30 days, and a chart on the right with the amount of Events by Performance Group in the last 7 days.

Events Dashboard

There’s no need to be alarmed if you do not have the Event dashboard yet. Please be aware that all installations will have OrangeCRM version 5.2 by June 1, 2015.

If you have any questions, please call our support line at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

How Is OrangeCRM Providing Increased Data Security?

Aexxis LLC is committed to protecting your OrangeCRM database from destructive forces and from the unwanted actions of users. This is one of the most important reasons why we are constantly making improvements with frequent software revisions.

One of the keys to keeping data secure is providing access to data on a need-to-know basis. That includes only granting access to specific data, rather than entire data sets. The upcoming OrangeCRM software revision scheduled for release after June 1, 2015 removes the ability for users to override the default maximum number of records returned on a Quick Find search. This will limit the amount of data customer service reps have access to when searching the database.

Search results will be listed in order of relevance to the value that was searched, much like Google lists web pages in order of what is most relevant to what you searched for. If the desired record is not found, the search should be refined to find a better match.

For managers, accountants or system administrators who require access to full data sets, the security role named QuickFindExport will enable the CSV Export option, which can be used to view all of the records from a Quick Find search.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

Would You Like To Significantly Minimize Order Entry Errors & Prevent Data Loss?

We are pleased to announce a new order entry module available for OrangeCRM called OrangeSOAP. SOAP stands for Sales Order & Acquisition Processing. This module allows users to create and bill new customers using a predefined offer. Features of OrangeSOAP include real-time banking, multiple fulfillments, multiple upsells, revenue shares and a host of new reports. This is a great order entry tool that can be used by your sales call center, customer service call center, mail-order processing department and the like.

What are some of the benefits of using OrangeSOAP? There are many, but here are just a few.

  • It eliminates the need for using lead file uploads to import orders, allowing reps to instantly create and process new orders directly in OrangeCRM.
  • It has the ability to process Preauth or Purchase transactions in real-time, enabling sales representatives to address declined transactions on the spot, while they still have the customer on the phone.
  • It allows you to define the rules and configuration of each offer, which helps to significantly minimize user errors.
  • It prevents possible data loss that can occur when orders come from an external source.

Don’t want sales reps to have access to other areas in the CRM? No problem. User security roles can be limited to the order entry feature, if that’s all you want them to have access to.

For more information or to purchase the OrangeSOAP module, please call customer support at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

Did You Know OrangeCRM Now Provides Packing Slips For Fulfillments?

Does your shipping department need a solution for generating packing slips? OrangeCRM has the answer! A new option has been added to the Summary of Fulfillments report that will allow you to print packing slips from the batch detail view. This post will cover how to access and print packing slips, how to define what is populated on the packing slip and how to grant user access to the print packing slip feature.

To access packing slips, go to the Summary of Fulfillments report and drill in until you get to the batch detail view (shown below).

Print Packing Slip Link

Then, simply click on the Print link and a new PDF document will open containing the packing slips for that fulfillment batch. The PDF can then be printed and saved. A sample of what the packing slip looks like, along with definitions of the fields on the packing slip is pictured below.

Packing Slip Field Definitions

To make it easier to match each packing slip to the correct fulfillment, the last 10 digits of the Fulfillment GUID are automatically populated on the packing slip. To get the full benefit of this, we recommend that you setup your fulfillments to also include the last 10 digits of the Fulfillment GUID. For Generic Delimited Build File fulfillments, the field name is Request GUID – 10. For XML Build File and Web Site Post fulfillments, the field name is %REQID-10%.

You define what is populated in the quantity Ordered/Shipped, Item Number and Item Description via the “Pkg” fields on a Billing Plan or a Fulfillment.

Bill Plan Pkg Fields for Packing Slips

Fulfillment Pkg Fields for Packing Slips

To grant user access to the print packing slip feature, the following two security roles are required: MenuCustomer & BankAccess. If you need access to the packing slips, please contact your OrangeCRM administrator.

For assistance please feel free to contact our support desk at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

Google Chrome Connection Warning

Are you getting the Identity Not Verified message when you access OrangeCRM using Google’s Chrome browser? Don’t be alarmed, the link is still secure and encrypted. Please read on to find out the reason for this warning message.

Google Chrome Connection Warning

You may have noticed that you don’t get this message when using a different browser. This is because Google has withdrawn its support for the SHA-1 certificate signatures, while other browsers continue to support SHA-1-based signatures and will continue to do so until 2016.

Since OrangeCRM uses SSL/TLS encryption, SHA-1-based signatures for trusted root certificates are not a problem because TLS clients trust them by their identity rather than by the signature of their hash. We will be updating the certificates shortly to avoid Google’s warning. In the meantime you can rest assured that it is not a cause for concern.

Estimated Bill Dates Now Update Instantly

CSRs rely on the Estimated Bill Date on a customer record to provide the correct next bill date. Previously, Estimated Bill Dates didn’t recalculate until the Figure Billing Estimates batch job ran.

Now that billing can be either postponed or preponed through a Customer Salvage Event, we have added an enhancement that automatically recalculates the Estimated Bill Date when a billing time adjustment is made. This allows CSRs to immediately see the updated Estimated Bill Date and provide customers with the most up to date information.

If you have any questions, please call support at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.

Q1 2015 OrangeCRM Enhancements

Aexxis LLC is pleased to announce the following enhancements to OrangeCRM. These updates are now available:

  • The OrangeMoney module now supports currency conversion and standardized currency reporting.
  • Fulfillment package data inheritance order is now Customer Fulfillment record, Customer Billing Plan and then Master Fulfillment record.
  • The ACL User Restore deleted feature has been removed.
  • Revenue Shares may now be created directly from ACLUser records. Revenue Share names now check for duplicates on creation.
  • CSR Cancellation Activity report dialog now limits Event selection to specified type.
  • CSR Created Events now allow Revenue Share dates to be directly edited.
  • CSR Created Events now support a Required Role to create the event.
  • The event trigger FULFILLMENT RESEND has been added to OrangeEvent and allows for the CSR tracking of fulfillment reships and the reasons why.
  • A new series of Customer Cancellations Reports are now available.
  • Added support for Fulfillment processing to Distribution Centers. This allows multiple Master Fulfillments to be batched at the same time and in a single file.
  • Added support for the fulfillment house FreiPost.
  • The CUST_ADD API action will now run a high risk check when a duplicate is found and respond with the result Q_CUST_HIGHRISK_FIELD. Please see the CUST_ADD action in the OrangeCRM API Specification PDF v3.68 for more details.
  • The 2K byte limit for UTF-8 URL encoded API posts has been removed. There is a 2048 byte limit on UTF-8 URL encoded fields values.
  • Tickets generated from Event dialog boxes will now correctly display their notes fields.
  • SFTP file transfers now support HMAC-SHA2 protocols.

If you have any questions, please contact our support desk at 770-227-0036 Ext 1.

New Training Documentation Now Available

We are pleased to announce two new training manuals available for download at

  1. OrangeCRM Quick Setup Guide– This is for system admins only. It provides step by step instructions for a basic OrangeCRM configuration.
  2. IssueBreeze CSR Training Manual– This is for CSRs who use the IssueBreeze ticketing system in conjunction with OrangeCRM. It contains instructions on how to create and manage tickets.

Also available for download is an updated version of the OrangeCRM CSR Functions Manual, which includes instructions on how to use the new features released in the latest version of OrangeCRM.

All of the above training materials are available on the Documentation Downloads page of the OrangeCRM Online Help Guide. To access this page, simply login to your OrangeCRM and go to the Home Menu >Online Help.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support at 770-227-0036.

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