Would you like to maximize your control over customer service activity? One of the many ways OrangeCRM helps you do just that is by allowing you to define when your customer service reps are allowed to make billing adjustments to customers, as well as which Billing Plans are displayed for selection.

Each Billing Plan is assigned a Type upon creation. You may not have paid too much attention to the Bill Plan Type before, since the default is set to “Standard”. However, you can choose from 3 different Billing Plan Types: Standard, Salvage or Cancelation (see image below). This simple setting is a useful tool that allows you to group Bill Plans into categories based on their function.


CSR billing adjustments can then be restricted to a specific Billing Plan Type on an Event. Simply go to the Event and select the allowed Bill Plan Type in the Billing Adjustment drop down menu. This will limit the Bill Plans that are displayed to CSRs when they perform that Event. In the example pictured below, only Bill Plans assigned to the “Salvage” Type will be available for CSR selection.


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